The Villanueva house is a residence on Jane the Virgin, located in Miami.


The Villanuevas live in a cozy house with three bedrooms, most of the rooms painted each in a different color. A beautiful suspended garden swing hangs on their porch deck. Their home looks lovely, decorated with family photos, Christian relics, and vivid colors.

Alba and Xiomara have lived there since Xo was born. Their home is modest, and the women frequently need to keep their things in each other's wardrobes. They are presumably located in a residential area near a bus stop.


Lina Santillan
Rafael Solano
Rogelio De La Vega
Liliana De La Vega
Manuel De La Vega
J.D. Guzman
Michael Cordero
Xo's Dance Class
Anna & Ellie


  • Mateo and Alba moved in when they first arrived in the States at ages 25 and 28 respectively, in the early '70s.[1]
  • Xo used to teach a dance class in the living room.[2]
  • This is where Xiomara told her mother she was pregnant.
  • Jane has lived in her room since she was ten.
  • Jane's room is blue.
  • Xiomara's room is pink.
  • Alba's room is beige
  • The dining room is a pale rose color.
  • It is "8.2 miles away" from The Marbella



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