Victoria is a guest character on Jane the Virgin. She is portrayed by Veronica Merrell.


Victoria is first introduced as a somewhat spoiled girl, who is unhappy with Rogelio's newfound relatives. She and her twin sister, Valeria, seem materialistic and are perceived by Jane as 'mean girls'.

Later, however, she confesses that their mother, Melissa, moved them to Miami because she is Rogelio's manager, that Melissa is mean and they don't know where their father is, revealing that Valeria and her sister are just lashing out because they feel neglected. 


Although Rogelio and Melissa are now divorced, Rogelio still considers her and her twin sister Valeria to be family and invites them to dinner to meet Jane. They moved to Miami when Rogelio moved his show and his person to be closer to Jane.

She attends Our Lady of Sorrows High School and is a student in one of Jane's classes. Initially jealous of Jane, she and her sister plotted against her. Victoria and her sister started the website "Jane the Pregnant Virgin" which eventually goes viral.

After she confesses that Jane has good parents, she doesn't know where their father is and that their mother is horrible, Jane sees the twins differently. As a team, they go talk to Sister Margaret and they smile at each other. Truce?

Victoria drives a White Mini Cooper that Rogelio gave her.

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