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The Marbella is a hotel on Jane the Virgin, located in Miami, Florida.


The hotel features a full-service restaurant, a large pool area, private cabanas, five hospital-grade recovery suites[3] (complete with revamped recovery spa), gardens and an outdoor bar. The hotel has 12 floors. At the beginning of the series, Emilio Solano buys the hotel and sends Rafael to run the hotel with Roman Zazo acting as a manager. Jane and her friends already work at the hotel before the change in ownership. The board recently approved Rafael's expansion plans, adding fifteen additional plastic surgery recovery suites.[4] After Emilio finds out that Rafael leveraged the hotel for Luisa's malpractice insurance, he puts Rafael's rival, Lachlan in change of the hotel's operation.[5] Lachlan, in turn, makes Petra Rafael's boss, until Rafael is put back in charge of the hotel and is told by his father to fire some employees.[6]


The hotel is initially owned by the Maracay Group, of which Emilio Solano is a partner. Emilio solely buys the hotel under the umbrella of the Maracay Group, and lets his son buy one-third share of the hotel and run it.[7] After Roman Zazo's alleged murder in a very public scene, the hotel suffers a drop in revenue and has to fire people, which is not enough to stave off possibly going under and Emilio decides to sell 1/3 share of the hotel to an outside investor. That outside investor turns out to be Miloš Dvořáček, buying it under his family cooperation Stanwyk Investments, and gifts it to Petra, pretending it is repentance for his misdeeds.[8]

After Emilio's murder, Luisa and Rafael inherit the last two 1/3 of the hotel each. However, Luisa who believes money is the route of all their problems temporarily hands over the control of her shares to Petra, leaving her with majority control over the hotel.[9]

Luisa returns and take back control over her shares after finding out the hotel's profits are down, briefly.[10] After realizing he was holding on to Emilio's legacy out of desire to remember him as a better father than he was, Rafael sells the Solano part of the Maracay group but keeps the hotel.[11] With the influx of cash from the sale, Rafael wanted to buy Petra out and used her feelings for him against her.[12] but when Petra becomes pregnant with his baby, he urges her to stay around so they can figure it out together.[13]

After her twin-sister Anežka had Petra paralyzed and posed as her, she blackmailed Rafael into giving her his shares in The Marbella.[14] When Petra gained back control and took back her life she decided to keep the shares, furious about how no one, including Rafael, had noticed she was paralyzed for months.[15] However, after Rafael conducted a scheme, he got her to give him his shares back and they continued running the hotel together.[16]

Rafael found an addendum to Emilio's will, stating that only his biological children would get his estate.[17] However, Petra destroyed it, wanting to make sure she and Rafael could provide for their children.[18] It turned out though that employee Scott Archuletta had rescued the destroyed document which he and his now-wife Anežka, threatened Petra with[19] although that plan was presumably put on hold after Scott was murdered.[20][21] When Rafael went to prison for nine months, Petra took care of the hotel. In the following years she worked on a remodeling of the hotel and rebranded it as a kids' hotel, and adding a new kids' club.[20]

After Luisa, who was left upset by Rafael lying about his cancer returning and calling her delusional, happened to share a cab with Anežka, she found out about the addendum and took control of her 2/3's of the hotel, kicking Rafael out. Meanwhile, Anežka had lured Petra out to the dock with the intent of killing her[21] and taking her place in order to sell all shares and get cash for Luisa to break Rose out of jail. However, as Petra managed to over-power Anežka who disappeared in the water, Petra posed as her for Luisa to throw of the plan. However, Anežka returned and took back her place.[22] After Luisa is made to believe she's hallucinating a man named Carl (actually an actor hired by Anežka and Magda to make her believe she's mentally unstable) she admits herself to a mental hospital and signs all her shares over to Rafael. However, as Luisa is considered unfit to change any contractual agreements and it reverts back to her previous contract, which stated the shares were transferred to Anežka.[23]

After Anežka is killed,[24] and Luisa nowhere to be found, Petra continues to take care of the hotel by herself.[25] Meanwhile, Luisa gives all her shares up in a trust, benefiting various charities.[26] However, Miloš returns, wanting revenge on Petra and reveals he now owns Luisa's shares after she gave them to his fake charity. He attempts to use that to stop Petra from calling the police but she surprises him by calling the police on him anyways.[27] From prison, Miloš conspires with Petra's assistant Krishna Dhawan who agrees to perjure herself for his trial in exchange for him transferring his shares to her[28] who would run the hotel on his behalf. However, as it turns out she was working with Petra all along and transfers the shares over to her, making her the 100% owner of The Marbella.[29]


Rafael's penthouse
Petra's Apartment
Petra's office


Sin Rostro activity
  • Roman Zazo's murder
  • The bellboy Tom, who was working for Sin Rostro, murdered[3]
  • Secret tunnels discovered underneath The Marbella
  • Plastic surgery conducted in underground operating room
  • Emilio is framed as Sin Rostro
  • Got arrested with Luisa[30]
  • Eileen mureders Scott Archuletta[21]
Solano family
  • Romantic rendezvous between Rose Solano and Luisa
  • The Most Romantic Night Ever between Jane and Rafael
  • Lachlan and Petra broke up
  • Emilio's death
Villanueva family
Magda activity
  • Punched Petra
  • Kept Ivan hostage
  • Shoved Alba down the stairs
  • Killed Ivan[32]
  • Got arrested twice
  • Anežka's death[24]


  • The CFO of The Marbella is named Danielle Sullivan.[1]
  • The hotel has 12 floors.
  • Rose designed the upgrade of the recovery spas.
  • Rafael and Petra stayed at The Marbella in 2011, before Emilio Solano and The Maracay Group bought it.
    • NB! Rafael emptied his bank account/trust fund (when Petra was pregnant with the baby boy she lost before he got cancer) to buy into the hotel.
  • Creator and show-runner Jennie Snyder Urman is The Marbella's Employee of the Month (Chapter Six)
  • There is a circuit breaker on the 4th floor.


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