Jane the Virgin

The Passions of Santos


Rogelio and Esteban in Pasión Intergalactica

Rogelio's first big claim to stardom – internationally as well

Pasión Intergalactica

Esteban Santiago's sci-fi telenovela, which Rogelio later stars on to remain in Miami[1].

Tiago a Través del Tiempo

Rogelio's passion project, written by his former intern – J.D. Guzman.

Los Viajes de Guillermo

The telenovela take on Gulliver's Travels, where Guillermo and his companion try to find a way to get a scientist to help them return to human size again.

Los Viajes de Guillermo II

When Rogelio decides not to continue with Guillermo in favor of finally getting his passion project — an American telenovela — off the ground, his rival, Esteban, assumes the main role.

The Passions of Steve and Brenda/This Is Mars

The Passions of Steve and Brenda is an American version telenovela on Jane the Virgin which is in pre-production and created by Rogelio and River Fields. The show takes center stage in Season 5. The name is later changed to 'This Is Mars' (a play on the show 'This Is Us'), and the plot is also changed.

List of telenovelas

Los Milagros de Mariana[2]
the telenovela Jane and her family watched when she was 11 years old, which inspired her to show incredible strength when faced with Mateo's kidnapping
Los Recuerdos Perdidos de Laurel
the first telenovela Jane ever watched when she was 9[3]
Love, Ashley
The Boldness of Love
Beautiful Forever
The Glory and the Temptation[4]
Esteban Santiago (Rogelio's fiercest rival) is nominated for a 2014 Paloma for his role on this telenovela
La Usurpadora[5]
About Paulina who is pretending to be her own sister and whom Jane wanted to end up with Carlos Daniel, who was maybe also dating someone named Gemma



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