Petra – We are never, ever getting back together. Ever
Scott – You don't have to throw our song in my face!
Chapter Fifty

Scott Archuletta was a recurring character on CW dramedy Jane the Virgin. He is portrayed by Wes Armstrong.


Scott is a sexist suck-up, who has no respect for any of his superiors and does whatever he can to get ahead in his job at The Marbella. He has no scruples keeping secret adultery and the like[1], neither spilling these secrets for use in, say, published magazine exposés.[2] To get his most recent position he blackmailed Petra.[3] Being in a relationship with Anezka (thinking she's Petra) has revealed a more human and vulnerable side of Scott to both Jane and Rafael.

Season 1

Scott made his most notable impression with the the horrid, sexist phrase 'it's guy code', referring to his keeping Emilio Solano's affair with Whitney Devore a secret.[1] After the death of Emilio Solano and Petra Andel's subsequent possession of a third of The Marbella, Rafael put Scott on Petra's staff.

Season 2

Scott tells Petra that he knows about her swiping Rafael's sample and proceeds to blackmail her into getting Rafael to grant Scott a promotion.[3] When Jane distrusts Rafael and snoops in his business, she cuts a deal with Scott not to alert Rafael that he was the source for the exposé[4] and thus he retains his job.

Season 3

After Anezka stole Petra's identity, she and Scott began a relationship, in which Scott revealed that he knows many of Rafael's secrets. After Petra returned she broke up with him and Scott got angry and attempted to blackmail Petra with secrets he knows about her, and he also wanted to sue her for sexual harassment. But later it turned out that it was a setup and that Rafael had a deal with Scott. Rafael had told Scott to blackmail Petra because he knew that she would run to him for help, and then she would let him keep his hotel shares in exchange for the help. So Scott helped Rafael and Rafael finally told him that he was with Anezka, not Petra and he also promised to do Scott a favour later in exchange.


Jane – You have a style --
Scott – It's a modified Alex P. Keaton
Rafael – How's life with Petra?
Scott – Soul-crushing, frankly.
Chapter Fifteen


  • It is unknown whether Scott tampered with Rafael's sample in the time span after discovering what it was and before telling Petra that he knew.
  • Scott is the main anonymous source for the magazine article 'The Curse of the Solanos' by Wesley Masters (Jane's former friend).[2]
  • He knows a secret about Petra
  • Rafael now owes him a favour.
  • The character was a surprise addition to the cast, with the actor originally only hired for a few lines in Season 1[5]


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