We've been through so much together, and so much without each other. And life is beautiful and hard and, the only thing I know for sure is that I want to go through it all with you
Xiomara proposal to Rogelio[1]

Rogelio & Xiomara is a romance on CW dramedy Jane the Virgin, portrayed by Jaime Camil and Andrea Navedo.


Xiomara and Rogelio dated when they were teenagers and went to high school together – they met in Biology class.[2] When Xiomara got pregnant with Jane she was 16, and Rogelio was 17. Xiomara decided not to include Rogelio in her and Jane's life as he told her to have an abortion, once she revealed to him that she was pregnant.[3]


In the Spring of 2013, Xiomara randomly saw Rogelio in The Passions of Santos and decided to write to him and tell him that he has a daughter. In Autumn 2014, Rogelio shows up at the bar where Xiomara performs, to ask her to be a part of his daughter's life. Xiomara's feelings for Rogelio are quickly rekindled once he is back in her life, while Rogelio, at first, views their dalliances as casual. He does let her know how much her cares for her, telling her 'you are very important to me, Xiomara'.[4]

After putting the breaks on any rekindling of romance, Xiomara decides to embark on an adult relationship with Rogelio. This reveals a number of things – the malice Rogelio's mother holds towards Xiomara, Rogelio's hesitance to fall in love again after his heart was broken by his first wife, Luciana, and Xiomara's lack of experience in creating a life for herself and her realisation that maybe she is still very young at heart and only beginning to explore her independence.


Xiomara and Rogelio get 'drunk married' in Vegas[5] and decide to start dating, taking one step at the time and not forge headfirst into a fully fledged marriage (they do not divorce, however).[6] Rogelio divulges to Xiomara that he is still incredibly angry with her for keeping Jane from him.[7] However, their relationship has reached a point where they are capable of working through big issues and weather storms in companionship. When Liliana and Xo find common ground and affection for one another, Liliana encourages Rogelio to propose to Xiomara.[8]

Although she loves Rogelio and wants to marry him, Xo hesitates to say yes as she does not want more children – and Rogelio does.[9] The two try to compromise and find a way to stay together[10][11] but, in the end, Xiomara turns down Rogelio's proposal and they break up.[11] Both have a hard time with it being over, but still consider each other family. This is tested when Xo, in a vulnerable moment, sleeps with Rogelio's arch rial, Esteban Santiago, and they fight about how hurt Rogelio is in the days leading up to Jane and Michael's wedding. However, they make amends and share a dance outside of the wedding venue.

3 years later Xiomara And Rogelio slowly find their way back to each other and Xo proposes to him and they finally get married, but Rogelio got some shocking news that Darci is pregnant with his child for 7 months. [12]

In the recurrence of the season 4, towards the end Xo learns she has breast cancer. Getting a vasectomy removed it. And while recovery, Xo put everyone's needs before her own. She discovered she began getting Chemo Brain.(Chemo brain is a common term used by cancer survivors to describe thinking and memory problems that can occur after cancer treatment.)

XO and RO (Cold Cap)

She was given a treatment named Chemo Cold Cap (it freezes the chemo fog out of your brain cells). While begging the journey of the Chemo Cold Cap, she made a friend named Donna. Donna suffered from cancer herself and had indeed been doing the Chemo Cap for a long period of time. She then had another case of Cancer, which lead to her death. Xo fought through the journey of Chemo Cap and eating pot brownies to sooth the pain.


Xo discovers she's pregnant from her fling with Esteban Santiago and deliberates on how to handle having an abortion, mostly concerned with how it will affect her relationships with Rogelio and Alba. Xo's decision to not have the baby ends up mending wounds between her and Rogelio, when Xo tells him that if she wasn't going to have another child with him, someone she loves, she wouldn't have a child with Esteban.


You found a good woman. I think you should marry her
Liliana giving Rogelio her wedding ring[src]


  • Rogelio and Xiomara dated when they were 16.
  • Ro and Xo first said 'I love you' on Beach Day in 1990, when they had only dated for a week[13]
  • Xiomara is Rogelio's true love.
  • They get married at the Marbella Hotel[10]


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