Can I just arrest him cause of the guy code comment?
Nadine to Michael
Nadine Hanson is a recurring character on CW dramedy Jane the Virgin. She is portrayed by Azie Tesfai.


Nadine is first introduced as a sort of sarcastic, passionate and tough woman, which also shows in her work as a police detective. She is very tough on her former partner, Michael Cordero, and has a sort of competitive relationship with him[1][2], which is evident in their investigation of Sin Rostro, where the focus often is whose leads will ultimately close the case.

While later it is revealed that Nadine was working against Michael to protect her family, which was threatened by Sin Rostro, her competitive and tough nature is still very much present in her interactions with Michael, when they work undercover together in Mexico.[3] Nadine also proves an incredibly couragous woman, when she dives in front of a bullet aimed at Michael that ultimately claims her life[4]

Season 1

Nadine and Michael start their work on catching Sin Rostro through a lead that Roman Zazo is Sin Rostro's 'above ground' contact in Miami.[2] Nadine is skeptical of Michael's theories, and eager to arrest Petra following Roman Zazo's murder, which Petra is under suspicion for. Her efforts are thwarted by Michael's discovery that a bell boy may have had a hand in Zaz's murder[5] and after Tom is also murdered, the partners randomly find the underground plastic surgery tunnels.

At this point, Michael and Nadine have started a sexual relationship, which leads to the discovery of the tunnels. However, Nadine feels hampered by Michael's lingering focus on Jane Villanueva[6] and gives up his disobeying orders to their superior.[7] When Michael finds out, he is very harsh about whatever feelings may have prompted her to do so and shows no emotional concern for Nadine's feelings.[7]

Following the actual death of Roman Zazo[8], the police retrieve the flash drive containing all known Sin Rostro associates and Nadine's deceit is revealed – to Michael. He manages to catch up with and confront her, and she explains how her family was threatened. Cordero gives her a head start to escape prosecution. Nadine is then on the run from the authorities, but returns to Michael's house to try and cut a deal with them, in order to avoid prosecution, by working as a mole for the police.


I bet you'd like to try
—Nadine fighting with Michael just before he kisses her for the first time[src]
What is up with you? This case is your baby, you should be celebrating
—Nadine to Michael[src]


  • Nadine appears competitive in her partnership with Michael, although this could have been to distract from her aim to derail their investigation.
  • Even though she works for Sin Rostro, her affair with Michael seems to have developed naturally, and not as a ploy to keep him distracted from discovering her deceit.
  • She took a bullet for Michael as her final act, which shows that she is a good person.


Season 1 (15/22)

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