Miloš Dvoracek (pronounced "ME-Losh") is a recurring character on Jane the Virgin. He is portrayed by Max Bird-Ridnell.


Miloš is an internet scam criminal and is currently imprisoned in Miami. Magda and Petra worked with Czech police to arrange his arrest upon return to the Czech Republic[1]. He has come to the U.S. to rekindle his relationship with Petra, but to no avail[2].

After buying Petra a share of The Marbella[3], he returns to claim a returned favor and tells Petra to marry him, as it turns out, in order to secure a tax cover in the U.S., unbeknownst to Petra who only agreed to the marriage as she discovered Miloš was secretly monitoring Petra's every move[4].

Season 1

Miloš and Petra dated around 2008, when Petra and Magda lived in the Czech Republic[4]. Knowing Miloš was an internet con-man, Magda told Petra that he cheated on her[5]. Miloš has anger issues and did not take the break-up well, tossing acid at Magda.

After Ivan's escape from The Marbella[6], Miloš shows up at the hotel, posing as an investor and wanting to prove to Petra that he did not cheat on her[2]. He stages an attack on Petra, which prompts Magda to reveal that she can walk[2].

Realizing that he has no chance of getting back together with Petra, as an apology for disrupting her life, Miloš buys Petra a 33% share of The Marbella, but not without strings attached[3]. He is still in love with Petra and succeeds in marrying her in Chapter Twenty-Seven, although Petra specifically stipulates it is a loveless marriage for tax purposes.


  • He is from Czechia.
  • He threw acid at Magda.
  • He revealed Magda's deceit, that she is not bound to a wheelchair.
  • He forgot Petra's birthday twice.
  • He became rich through his wealthy family and internet scams.
  • He and Petra married in Chapter Twenty-Seven, after he agreed to raise Petra's unborn child as his own.


Season 1


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