Mia Evelyn Alver is a character mentioned on Jane the Virgin.


Mia was the mother of Luisa Alver. All Luisa remembers of her mother is how she used to tell her a beautiful fairy tale about a magical lake. Mia left Luisa in 1983, when Luisa was only 6 years old. Mia lived in an old house by the river and kept to herself.[1] She passed away of natural causes in 2008. She was investigated on the possible of being the crime lord Mutter, but she was proven innocent when it was revealed that Elena Di Nola was mutter.


Luisa Alver

Luisa loved her mother and had very fond memories of feeling loved by and safe around her mother. There's no indication that Mia did not love her daughter, although she left Luisa to fend for herself with Emilio, despite leaving him because of his illegal dealings with Mutter.

Emilio Solano

The story does not indicate that this wasn't a marriage of love, however Mia eventually found out about Emilio's criminal activity and was frightened for her life. Mia faked a suicide in order to vanish completely and escape Emilio, although she did not take her daughter with her despite her fear of Emilio.


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