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Magda to Petra as she's arrested [1]
Magda Andel is a recurring character on CW dramedy Jane the Virgin. She is portrayed by Priscilla Barnes.


Magda is introduced as a cold woman. From the Pilot onwards, she is shown telling Petra what to do, meddling with Petra's marriage troubles with Rafael, and suggesting trickery and schemes to solve problems.

She calls Petra a 'selfish girl', telling her that she 'whored herself out' to Roman and generally berates her. When she's revealed to not be paraplegic, it is the start of an ongoing theme that Magda keeps secrets from Petra.

As the series progresses, Magda only reveals an increasing ability to commit awful acts, culminating in her first murder (that we know of) of Ivan Rogachevsky. Following this event, she has taken to openly threatening her own daughter.



Magda in Olomouc in 2008

When the show starts Magda is staying The Marbella where her son-in-law is the owner. Her husband sent Petra and Magda to West Germany to escape the Iron Curtain. Unfortunately he died one week before the wall fell, leaving Magda to raise Petra alone.

Five years before the show starts they are living in the Czech Republic where Petra is dating a man named Milos. Things did not end well between them and Milos eventually attacked Petra with acid, which missed and hit Magda instead. The attack led her to get hit by a car, leaving her with a horrible burn on her face. Milos went to jail for his actions and Magda and Petra are on the run from him when the show starts.

Physical Appearance

Magda is in a wheelchair, with an acid burn along the side of her face. Her hair is blonde and she speaks with an accent. In Chapter 28 she looses her eye and her right hand after throwing all of Milos' grenades into the ocean, except one without a pin which blew up in her hand. She now wears an eyepatch and has a hook for a hand.


What about the other man you whored yourself out to?
—Magda to Petra[src]
You're a selfish girl. After I sacrificed everything for you
—Berating Petra[src]


  • She's Czech.
  • Milos threw acid on her face.
  • She is Petra's mother.
  • She speaks with an accent.
  • She's in a wheelchair, but was faking an injury and can actually walk.
  • She loves money.
  • She and Petra both adopted the surname 'Andel' when moving to Miami, but Petra changed her first name too.


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