Liliana De La Vega is a recurring character on Jane the Virgin. She is potrayed by Rita Moreno.


Lilliana is a lady, presumably in her 60s, who at first comes across as very opinionated and firm about her ideas of Rogelio – especially his romantic relationships. She is seen as being very loving toward Jane and friendly with Alba, albeit quite high maintenance, as shown when she tells Rogelio she is thirsty and Xiomara is expected to bring her water with lemon. This could also be Liliana being sour on Xo and Rogelio's relationship.



Liliana De La Vega meets her granddaughter Jane for the very first time in Season 1. She is introduced as Jane's 'Glam-ma', and shares some of Rogelio's expressional personality traits. Liliana had originally met Xiomara when she and Rogelio were teens, walking in on them and subsequently accidentally electrocuting her cat. Therefore Xiomara makes a great effort to make amends with Liliana when she visits at Easter, who is mostly opposed to anything more than cordial exchanges with her.


Liliana and Jane meet for the very first time

It is revealed that she is angry with Xiomara for not disclosing to Rogelio that she was pregnant with Jane, although, this is not the case as Xiomara did tell Rogelio – who told Xiomara to get an abortion. After realising the truth and working this out with Xiomara, Liliana also makes an effort to directly discourage both Xo and Rogelio from continuing their relationship, as Liliana believes they are wrong for each other – to which Xiomara takes great offense.



Rogelio comforts his mother

Liliana comes to visit the Villanuevas and to see little Mateo, where she reveals that her husband, Manuel, is leaving her for another man, but it turns out that Liliana and Manuel have an 'arrangement' – that Liliana has known Manuel was gay for 40 years of their marriage. It seems it is a safe guard of a sort for Liliana for them to have stayed together, despite the lack of romantic love. This explains a lot of Liliana's behaviour, why she is so insistent on controlling Rogelio's love life and is so negative about his relationship with Xiomara. She may have recently become quite bitter and also, as she divulges to her son, afraid to be left all alone.[1]


  • It is not mentioned whether Liliana works, is retired or a homemaker
  • Liliana's husband and Rogelio's father, Manuel De La Vega, is not seen in Chapter Eighteen. However, the trailer for Chapter Thirty-One shows Liliana talking to Jane about him.[2]
  • Liliana and Manuel are divorced.
  • They have been married for 47 years, and married around 1968.
  • It was Liliana who inspired Rogelio to propose to Xiomara.


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