Ivonne Coll is a Puerto Rican actor and singer. Coll portrays Alba Villanueva on Jane the Virgin.


Coll is a former Miss Puerto Rico turned actress who played the role of "Yolanda" in The Godfather Part II and the role of "Mrs. Santos" in the film Lean on Me. Coll started her career as a fashion model. In 1966, she represented the town of Fajardo in the Miss Puerto Rico pageant and won. In 1967, she represented the island as Miss Puerto Rico in the "Miss Universe" pageant which was celebrated in Miami, Florida.

In 1969, Coll was a back-up singer for Lucecita Benítez when Benitez won the first prize in the "First Latin Song Festival of the World" which took place in Mexico. She also served as back-up for Chucho Avellanet, a popular teen idol in Latin America during the 1960s and 1970s. In 1971, Coll debuted as an actress in a local soap opera (telenovela), called "El Sirviente" (The Servant). In the same year, she also debuted as a solo singer in the "Club Ocho Puertas (Eight Doors Club)" located in San Juan. In 2011 she got a recurring role in Glee.


  • Coll is a proclaimed continued #TeamMichael supporter[1]


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