Ivan Rogachevsky[1] was a recurring character on CW dramedy Jane the Virgin. He is portrayed by Chris Corbin.


Ivan is a Czech criminal associate of Milos Dvoracek, although he offered to shield Petra from Milos in 2008.

He comes across as scheming, mean and cold, although sligthly goofy in the time he is held hostage at The Marbella and religiously watches The Passions of Santos dubbed in Czech.


In 2008 Petra was dating a man named Miloš Dvoracek who turned out to be a very dangerous man when she tried to break things off with him. To escape Milos, she accepted Ivan's help to assume the identity of a recently deceased woman named Petra Andel and come to the US[2].

Ivan blackmailed Petra for money to not reveal her whereabouts to Milos, and eventually got himself kidnapped and held hostage by Petra and Magda. After Milos bought Petra a third of The Marbella, he returned to 'receive thanks' for the gesture by having Petra marry Milos to provide cover for his illegal schemes, bring Ivan along as an associate.

Once Magda and Petra has Milos arrested on a business trip to Prague, Ivan returned and threatened Magda's life. While Petra was briefly gone from the hotel, Magda murdered Ivan and a shocked Petra was, upon return, enlisted to help bury the body.


  • His favorite food is lobster.
  • Ivan is allergic to peanuts.
  • He comes back from Prague and threatens Magda for setting Milos up, also seeming positive that Milos will come back and find them again.
  • He is murdered by Magda in Chapter Twenty-Nine
  • He haunts Petra in Chapter Thirty


Notes and references

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