Fabian Regalo del Cielo is a recurring character on CW dramedy Jane the Virgin. He is portrayed by Francisco San Martin.


Fabian Regalo del Cielo is a telenovela actor, who just landed a role opposite Rogelio De La Vega on his new telenovela Los Viajes de Guillermo. Fabian is a huge fan of Rogelio's and seems sweet and eager to be on the show. Jane is insanely attracted to Fabian, but he does not know this... yet. But then he has sex with Jane. In Chapter Sixty-Three, Jane attempts to break up with Fabian but instead uses him to procure white horses for Xiomara's wedding. Fabian discovers this and calls Jane a "slut" in front of Rogelio which cause Rogelio to challenge him to a fight. Jane breaks up the fight but punches Fabian in the face, breaking his nose, when you attempts to punch Rogelio. This leads to Fabian and Rogelio both saying "I can't work with him. It's him or me!" In Chapter Sixty-Six, the producers of Guillermo decide to use the "kill off a character" trope to settle the problem between Fabian and Rogelio. They use a focus group to decide who will stay in the show. Fabian plants his grandmother in the focus group and when Rogelio realizes this, he himself joins the focus group. The focus group decides that Rogelio will remain while Fabian will leave the show.


  • Fabian is famous
  • According to The Narrator. Fabian has a large penis
  • He has had a lot of sex, including kinky.
  • His surname was translated as "Gift of Heaven" or "Heaven"s Gift " in Spanish.