I'd like to thank God for creating me in his image
Esteban winning a 2014 Paloma
Esteban Santiago is a recurring character on CW dramedy Jane the Virgin. He is portrayed by Keller Wortham.


Esteban is a telenovela actor and Rogelio's arch rival and nemesis. Esteban presents a cool, somewhat smarmy, stone faced persona, who is constantly in a verbal sparring with Rogelio, although he pretends in public that they're friends (as does Rogelio).[1] In later years, when their paths cross again, Esteban reveals a more kind side (although he's still sparring with Rogelio) as he begins dating Darci and spends time with her and Rogelio's daugher Baby, who Esteban is seen to care for deeply.

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Esteban stars on renowned telenovela The Glory and The Temptation, of which the most direct competitor is Rogelio's success telenovela The Passions of Santos. At the 2014 Paloma Awards he and Rogelio are interviewed and make nice, but really are constantly feuding. Much to his joy, Esteban wins the 2014 Paloma for Best Actor.


Rogelio is like a father to me
—Esteban at the Palomas[src]


  • In Chapter Twenty-Nine it is revealed that Esteban had a fling with Luciana (possibly this is the affair Rogelio has referred to that was very public and hurt him deeply).
  • In Chapter Forty-Four Xiomara is pregnant with Esteban's child, which creator Jennie Urman confirmed. It's unknown if Esteban knew about the pregnancy and how Xiomara chose to have an abortion
  • As of chapter Sixty-Six he has begun a relationship with Darci Factor and became physically intimate with her both before and after she gave birth to her child with Rogelio.


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