Elena Di Nola (aka Mutter) is a character on Jane the Virgin. She is portrayed by Fabiana Udenio.


Elena allegedly came to the U.S. in 1982, when she was 24 years old. Within the span of a year Elena married newly widowed Emilio Solano. She lied that she became pregnant with Rafael at this time, but in reality they adopted Rafael around the time when Elena would've given birth.[1] Elena claimed to Rafael that she was unhappy and eventually left Emilio.[3] However, Detectives Cordero and Barnett uncover that Emilio Solano purchased a business which was set up as Mutter's money laundering scheme the same year he married Elena, revealing that she is Mutter.[1]

Therefore it is unknown exactly what Emilio's further involvement with Elena was, as well as her criminal activities, to which Emilio was connected. It turns out that Elena is the step-mother of none other than Sin Rostro herself[4]. Whether Elena remained married to her new husband (Sin Rostro's father) or whether he's still alive is unknown.


Rafael's mother Elena Di Nola left him the day after his 4th birthday, in 1988.[5] They meet again for the first time since, in 2015, when Rafael reaches out to her, hoping to understand why she left, whether he can forgive her and to have an idea of who his mother is 27 years later.[3]

Upon meeting Rafael again, Elena tells him about her relationship with Emilio: how it was a whirlwind romance, but she felt they were wrong for each other. That she cheated on Emilio, who subsequently wanted her gone and offered her $10 million never to come near the Solanos again – and she took it. She also divulges that she remarried and that Rafael has a half-brother.[3]

After being set up by Derek, who is working with Sin Rostro, Elena goes to prison in Miami. She is murdered by Sin Rostro in autumn 2016.[6] Whether this is revenge for Elena possibly murdering Sin Rostro and Derek's father, is as of yet unknown. Elena leaves behind clues in her prison bible, which lead to a bank account number, ultimately revealing to Rafael that he was adopted.[2]


  • Luisa has stated she never cared much for Elena.
  • Elena allegedly left Emilio in 1988.
  • Elena told Rafael that Emilio was devastated after losing Mia.[1]
  • In Chapter Thirty-One we discover that Elena is Mutter.
  • After leaving Emilio, Elena married Sin Rostro's father.



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