Derek Ruvelle is a recurring character in Season 2 of Jane the Virgin. He is portrayed by Mat Vairo.


Derek is Rafael Solano's half-brother, from their mother Elena Di Nola. He went AWOL the day after Elena was revealed to be the notorious crime lord Mutter and the police enlist Rafael to help figure out where Derek is now by meeting with Derek's fling, Avery Van Allen. Derek shows up at The Marbella following this encounter.[2]

He appears somewhat slick and calculated, distrusting of, and rude to his newly discovered brother, but seemingly opens up about his concerns with trusting anyone in their mad situation. He seems to live a life similar to Rafael before Rafael changed his ways, but unapologetically so with no visible moral concerns or reservations.

Series arc

Derek suspects that Rafael is working with the police (which he is), but takes Rafael to his boat and tells him how he reacted to finding out about Mutter, which prompts Rafael to show support for his newfound brother by telling Michael he's done with the police. This is only for show, as Rafael is still working with Michael and privately has a company check out Derek's boat.

Derek starts spending some time with Rafael, introducing Rafael to his friends and partying with him. All this turns out to be to lure Rafael into complacency (and drunken insider trading), which Derek can cash in on when he wants The Fairwick Hotel. He tells Rafael to sell it to him for a dollar and walks away – to Mutter[3]! This is a red herring, however, as Derek escapes with 200 million stashed in The Fairwick and leaves Mutter tied in the basement[4].

Turns out the call Derek made was to his half-sister, with whom he has been working this whole time[5][6]. It is unknown whether they had Mutter arrested as vengeance for their shared father.


  • Derek mentions to Rafael that he considered whether Mutter had killed his father when he 'discovered' her identity – though his contact with Mutter, which is later revealed, indicates that if she did, he knows.
  • It is still possible, however, that he knew that she killed his father and, from a very young age, he was plotting revenge. Not to mention, Emilio Solano was allegedly working with Mutter since 1983.

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