Dennis Chambers is a recurring character on Jane the Virgin. He is portrayed by Christopher Allen.


Dennis is a kind, direct and funny guy, who enjoys boxing in his free time. He works as a Detective with the Miami Police Department and is Michael's former partner. The two were really good friends and it was hard for Dennis to tell Michael that he could only be on desk duty after Michael was shot. Dennis also looked out for Jane after Michael's death and made a great effort to clear Michael's name posthumously regarding the Sin Rostro case. After clearing the air with Jane, Dennis gives her boxing lessons as a way for her to release her anger.



Lindsay is a 3rd-year-resident at Miami General Hospital. She and Dennis met each other in college.[1] Lindsay cheats on him which ends their engagement and Dennis is handling it well, although it was tough. His first date afterward is with Jane, but it's a bit awkward and he realizes he's on the rebound. As a result, Dennis decides to give Lindsay another chance.[2]

Jane Villanueva

Jane knows Dennis as Michael's work friend until his death. Dennis tells Jane at Michael's funeral that he'll check up on her. He comes by the house and they share memories of Michael. 5 months after Michael's death, they go through his things together and Jane catches Dennis taking photos of Michael's work journals to clear Michael's name, but Jane thinks Dennis might be doing the opposite and throws him out. 2,5 years later Jane has to testify in the case of Scott's murder, which gives her panic attacks as she recalls the situation. Dennis finally gets Jane to talk to him and he tells her the full story: he was trying to clear Michael's name as he was suspected of having a connection to Sin Rostro. Dennis didn't want to upset Jane so he didn't tell her he was going to take photos of the journals, because Jane was having panic attacks daily at the time. Jane apologises and they make amends.[1]


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