Chuck & Petra is a relationship on Jane the Virgin, portrayed by Yael Grobglas and Johnny Messner.


Chuck and Petra meet when Chuck is interested in buying the Fairwick Hotel and it is implied that they severely dislike one another. Later, due to the stress of rebranding- and reopening The Marbella, Petra starts having "hate sex" with Chuck and this goes on in secret for about six months.[1] Eventually, Chuck wants to start something real with Petra and she, while reluctant to admit it, is starting to feel something for Chuck, too. They go on their first real, official date but Petra has to leave because of the Scott murder investigation.[2] Once she comes clean to Chuck about moving Scott's bones over to the Fairwick's grounds, he is furious.

Petra resorts to try and win him back and proving there is a real future for them, in spite of their differences, by riding a mechanical bull and getting a front tooth knocked out. Chuck shows up at her apartment at The Marbella, they make up and start dating for real.[3] Petra tells Chuck about her past, about what Anezka did to her and seems to genuinely trust him. He also meets the twins, who are very fond of him, and, smart as they are, well aware that he is their mother's boyfriend.[4] Chuck quickly notices Rafael's romantic feelings for Petra and tells her. Petra doubts this, but after a while, she sees it, too, and asks Rafael point blank, who denies it. Chuck tells her he wants to help Petra and be there for her, so together they go to investigate who JP is. Only, Anezka tells the police that it is actually Chuck.[5]

Rafael manages to get a hold of Petra and she talks to the police, who think Chuck is Scott's killer. Petra attempts to run away, hitting Chuck over the head with a glass pitcher, but he catches up with her and tells her the truth. He did know Scott, but only in a 'inside-info-on-the-hotels' capacity and didn't speak to him again after Scott overstepped their previous agreement. In the commotion, Chuck blurts out the real reason why everything happened as it did on the trip so far: he loves her.[6]


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