Chapter Fourteen is the 14th episode of Season 1 of Jane the Virgin.


FEELINGS — Michael (Brett Dier) is convinced that Rafael (Justin Baldoni) is helping to hide his father and puts the thought into Jane’s (Gina Rodriguez) head as well, making her grow suspicious of Rafael’s recent actions. Elsewhere, Jane forces Xo (Andrea Navedo) and Rogelio (Jaime Camil) to reveal how they really feel about each other, but neither is prepared for what the other has to say. Petra (Yael Grobglas) finds a new way to torture Rafael that even he could not have imagined. Meanwhile, Jane’s friends want to throw her a baby shower, but it brings up some serious questions about her and Rafael’s future.


Chapter Fourteen of Jane the Virgin starts off with a touching moment, seeing Rafael and Jane start their baby registry together. However, the adorable moment is gone once Michael shows up to let Rafael in on the bad news. Michael tells both Rafael and Jane that Rose is Sin Rostro. Michael says they still need to find Emilio since he’s not completely disassociated with Rose. I’m not sure if they have any baby onesies that say “My grandparents are master criminals” to add onto that registry.

Luisa is still trying to escape from the mental hospital since her last attempt at calling 911 didn’t work out in her favor. She tried warning the cops about her father being a master criminal and that they should be worried about the safety of Rose. Luisa wasn’t thinking about the caller id that would pop up saying she was calling from inside a mental hospital. Needless to say, the cops didn’t take her call too seriously. As Luisa finally breaks free from her prison she is greeted by her brother outside. Rafael questions why Luisa is out but lets her know that he’s there to sign her release papers.

Petra makes an unpleasant surprise visit to Rafael’s office to let her know that she’s part owner of the company thanks to Milos. I wonder if she ever really thanked him for that. Of course, Petra needs to rub this in Rafael’s face in order to make herself feel better. Rafael has had enough of Petra and doesn’t know what to do with this woman anymore since banning her from the hotel didn’t seem to stop her. I’m still waiting for Petra to get a real good taste of her own medicine one of these days.

With the investigation still going on against Emilio and the news about Rose, Jane is on edge. She notices Rafael making weird phone calls and sneaking around the hotel. Clearly, she’s worried that he might be hiding his father so Jane does a little investigation of her own. After seeing Rafael leave a room that wasn’t his penthouse, Jane knocks on the door and is greeted by a dead man. Jane spills the beans to Michael that she just witnessed Zazo opening the door to the room Rafael just left. Both Michael and Jane go to meet with Rafael to get down to the bottom of this crazy story. Turns out Zazo is also in the room and Michael wants someone to start explaining things fast.

Apparently, the man isn’t actually the same Zazo that was found dead but rather his twin brother, Aaron Zazo. Rafael starts to explain that once Roman Zazo died, he hired a private investigator to find Aaron since the twins never really talked. Aaron was located at an orphanage in Mexico where he volunteered until some cartel kidnapped him. That’s when Rafael stepped in to negotiate with the cartel in order to release Aaron. It was ordered that Aaron stay hidden and that’s why no one else knew about another Zazo staying at the hotel. Talk about a WTF moment! I’m not sure I would be buying anything that Aaron is saying after all the crazy things that have gone on at that hotel in such a short amount of time.

Onto another wild story, Luisa finds a letter in her items brought home from the hospital. The letter is from Rose, apologizing for everything she’s put Luisa through. Rose also happens to drop a hint on where Luisa’s father might be. Since Luisa is the only one to understand the hidden message she’s able to detect the code and goes searching for her father. Rafael soon follows Luisa to the location of a small pool outside the hotel. Luisa then tells her brother that she might be sitting on top of their father. After digging up the location where Luisa was sitting, Emilio’s body is found. At least now the Solano siblings will be able to know that their father is at rest rather than off hiding from the police.

Just a short time after finding out her father was killed by her ex-lover/stepmother, Luisa gets a call from Rose. Instead of hanging up on her after all the pain she’s caused Luisa and her family, she listens. Rose tells Luisa that she’s sorry for everything that has happened but the feelings that the two shared were the only thing that has been real for her in the last five years. Rose remembers Luisa wanting to go run away with her and asks if she’d still like to do so. At first, Luisa says no but eventually, Luisa caves in and agrees to go along for the ride. Have you not learned anything, Luisa? Nothing good will come out of this decision.

Jane is tired of listening to Rogelio and Xo’s sob story and wants the two to finally express their true feelings towards each other. She sits the two down and demands that they tell each other how they really feel. Ay yai yai, why can’t these two just express their undying love for each other? Xo doesn’t want to admit to anything but Rogelio is the one who breaks the bubble and expresses his strong feelings towards Xo. He tells her that he doesn’t want to leave to Mexico because he wants to see where their relationship will take them. Xo is obviously beyond thrilled that Rogelio is staying and that he was the first one to admit to his feelings. I guess Xo was just playing a good game of hard to get. Good job on finally cracking the two, Jane!

Jane and Rafael also admit their love towards each other for the first time. However, Jane was the one to tell Rafael she loved him before Rafael. Jane wanted to make sure that Rafael could come to her no matter what and in order for him to do so, he needed to feel safe around her. The two spend a beautiful night together while bonding over Chinese takeout. The next morning Rafael takes things to another level in their relationship by asking Jane to move in with him. I mean it would make sense for the two to move in together since they’re going to have a baby soon and seem to love each other a lot. Hopefully, everything goes well for the couple.

What were your thoughts on Chapter Fourteen of Jane the Virgin? What are your feelings towards Aaron Zazo? He seems like a nice guy but I’m not sure if I can completely trust him yet. Do you think Rafael is finally clear of Michael’s investigation? I’m sure Michael will continue to have his suspicions towards Rafael, especially after this new Zazo incident. What are your thoughts on Luisa running away with Rose? I’m not sure how she can just forgive her for everything but I guess love is truly blind. Do you see Rogelio and Xo developing a relationship together soon? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


Gina Rodriguez as Jane Villanueva
Andrea Navedo as Xiomara Villanueva
Yael Grobglas as Petra
Justin Baldoni as Rafael Solano
Ivonne Coll as Alba Villanueva
Brett Dier as Michael Cordero
and Jaime Camil as Rogelio De La Vega

Recurring cast

Yara Martinez as Luisa Alver
Bridget Regan as Rose
Carlo Rota as Emilio Solano
Diane Guerrero as Lina Santillan
Azie Tesfai as Nadine Hanson
Alano Miller as Aaron Zazo


Tammy Caplan as Betty
Keller Wortham as Esteban Santiago
Claude Knowlton as Gabriel
Kamilla Alnes as Woman
Nick Hart as Dan
Sylvia Panacione as Chelsea
Jeremiah Clayton as Kid


  • Jane says 'I love you' to Rafael for the first time.
  • FLASHBACKS (app. 5 years back – ca. 2010).
    • There is a flashback to Jane's graduation day.
    • Jane went to the University of Miami.
    • 5 years ago, Jane did not want kids before 30.
    • Luisa and Rose made love for the first time in a pool.
    • Luisa tells Michael how she met Rose.
    • It was The 4th of July when Luisa and Rose met and made love.
    • The thing that Rose and Luisa had was the best thing that ever happened to Rose.
  • It's revealed that when Jane lies, she looks away.
  • This is the first time that a flashback features Luisa and Emilio.
  • Jane is suspicious about Rafael.
  • Betty, Luisa's roommate at the mental institution spoke, well actually screamed, for the first time in 12 years to help Luisa escape.
  • Bon Jovi – Living On A Prayer is Rafael's favorite song.
  • Luisa realizes that Emilio is dead and where his body is.


  • Rose or Sin Rostro is not dealing drugs but is now doing plastic surgeries on criminals, which explains why the Serbian was in the cargo shipment.
  • Luisa is released from the mental institution by Rafael.
  • Rogelio and Xiomara admit their feelings for each other.
  • Michael reveals to Rafael and Jane that Rose is Sin Rostro.
  • Rogelio is offered a lead in Esteban's telenovela Pasion Intergalactica.
  • Luisa temporarily assigns her part of the hotel to Petra.
  • Xiomara has sex with Rogelio.
  • Petra is a new co-owner of The Marbella and is staying in the presidential suite.
  • Rafael asks Jane to move in with him.
  • There is a funeral for Emilio.
  • Rose is only seen from the back and may have had plastic surgery herself.
  • Lina and Jane make up.


  • It's revealed that Roman Zazo's brother, Aaron Zazo, is his identical twin.



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