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Chapter Fifty-Seven is the 13th episode of Season 3 of Jane the Virgin.


FINDING YOUR VOICE – When Jane (Gina Rodriguez) messes up at Mateo's school, Petra (Yael Grobglas) convinces Jane to help with the preschool fundraiser to get in the good graces of the preschool's director. Jane is excited for her first meeting with her editor, but he's definitely not what she expected. Rafael's (Justin Baldoni) girlfriend Abbey (guest star Minka Kelly) suggests moving in together, but Rafael seems a little hesitant and turns to Petra and Jane for advice. Petra is hiding a new relationship, but that's not the only secret she's keeping. Rogelio (Jaime Camil) is being sued after quitting his reality show and hires a lawyer to help fix things, but when the lawyer makes things worse he turns to Bruce (guest star Ricardo Chavira) for help. Meanwhile, Bruce asks Jane and Alba (Ivonne Coll) for help in surprising Xo (Andrea Navedo).


Gina Rodriguez as Jane Villanueva
Andrea Navedo as Xiomara Villanueva
Yael Grobglas as Petra
Justin Baldoni as Rafael Solano
Ivonne Coll as Alba Villanueva
and Jaime Camil as Rogelio De La Vega

Recurring cast

Johnny Messner as Chuck Chesser
Ricardo Chavira as Bruce

Guest starring

Minka Kelly as Abbey Whitman
Yvonne Orji as Stacy
Danny Woodburn as Donnie 'The Jaguar' Shapiro
Evan Todd as Jeremy Howe
Mackenzie Marsh as Carly


Joseph Sanders as Mateo Solano Villanueva
Shelly Bhalla as Krishna Dhawan
Christopher Allen as Dennis Chambers
Aiden Fernandes as Toddler Mateo
Mia Allan as Anna
Ella Allan as Ellie
Rachel Andersen as Mrs. Taub
Christina DeRosa as Astrid
Mercedes Cornett as Isla
Craig Lee Thomas as Elvis Yeager
Stephanie Nash as Gwen
Rachael Seymour as Detective Borders
Dexter Masland as Waiter #1
Christopher Gerse as Waiter #2
Isabelle Galebyan as Main Kid
Christopher Farrar as Little Kid
Ellie Siler as Kid #3


I did too! Jeremy loved it, Raf loved it — all the men in your life loved it. Not that you care what we think, but still
— The Narrator to Jane


  • This episode explores Jane's gender bias
  • Bruce proposes to Xo and she accepts
  • Rafael ends things with Abbey, who gives Scott's collection of secrets on the Solanos to Det. Chambers
  • Petra tells Chuck the truth about moving Scott's bones over the property line to The Fairwick
  • Jane allows herself to remember falling in love with Rafael, and she writes about it in her novel. After reading it, Rafael tells Jane he wants to feel like that again with someone
  • Mateo gets an aide named Alex
  • In her first meeting with her editor, the show goes meta on the late Season 2/early Season 3 episodes, where the narrative slowed because they postponed Michael's death


  • 18 months after Michael dies Jane loses her voice. Rafael tells her that he's dating someone. He also tells her that she should start writing something new, as Jane hasn't been able to further write on her Venezuela novel about her Abuela since Michael died


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