Bruce is a recurring character in Season 3 of Jane the Virgin. He is portrayed by Ricardo Chavira.


Bruce is a lawyer from Miami, who started having an affair with Xiomara while he was married. They seem to break if off once Rogelio comes back into Xo's life, Bruce never seen at that time. When they meet again, he comes off as a good guy, relaxed, kind and helpful, and treats Xiomara well. They start of tense, as Xo was unhappy with the way things ended between them, with him ultimately never following through on leaving his wife for Xo. They did have real feelings for each other despite the circumstances, and when they reconnect 2 years later, Bruce has divorced. They soon find their old feelings rekindled and tentatively start dating. Jane is a hard sell on this, as is Bruce's 16-year-old daughter, hurt by her parents divorce and her father's adultery. Bruce and Xiomara work hard to make amends with the respective children and really want to be together.

They are together for 3 years, during which they move in together and seem really settled and happy. This period, however, is also marked by the tension between Rogelio and Xiomara and Bruce is sometimes caught in the middle, although he of course supports Xiomara.[1]


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