Bobby is a recurring character on Jane the Virgin. He is portrayed by Tommy Dorfman.


Bobby is first introduced in season 5, as a part of Sin Rostro's new spy team. His mission is to get close to Luisa and pass information about Rafael and his family on to Rose, through Luisa.


Luisa Alver

When Luisa moves into her new apartment, Bobby is the first person to greet her. With a vegan pie. Unknowingly to Luisa, Bobby has been sent to live close to her by Rose. He also encourages Luisa to meet up with Rafael and Mateo.



  • He is the only male member of Rose's spy team.[1]
  • Rose betrayed him by killing him when she escaped from the police.
    • Bobby had no idea that Luisa was secretly working with the police when they arrested him and Rose.


Season 5 (8/19)

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