Baby De La Vega Factor is the daughter of Darci Factor and Rogelio De La Vega. She is Jane's younger paternal half-sister and Mateo's baby aunt.


Rogelio and Darci vacillated on a number of names for Baby, both before and after she was born. Before Baby's birth, Rogelio and Darci were fighting a lot and could not agree on a single name. Below is a list of the names they considered and who suggested them:

• Rogeliana (by Rogelio)
• Darcianna (by Darci)
• Amada (by Esteban)
• Delilah (by Rogelio)
• Fiona (by Rogelio)


  • Her middle name is in memory of her late brother-in-law Michael Cordero as he was also her father's best friend.
  • When Michael gets his memories back and learns that Baby was named after him, he finds it hilarious[1].
  • Baby's portrayer is uncredited.
  • She takes her first steps in Chapter Ninety-Six


Chapter Sixty-Seven

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