Azie Tesfai is an Eritrean-American actress. Tesfai portrays Nadine Hanson on CW dramedy Jane the Virgin.

Early life

Tesfai was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, the daughter of Eritrean immigrants. She is an only child. Tesfai was accepted into multiple Ivy League universities including Yale, Brown, and Columbia but went on to receive a degree in Business Administration from UC Berkeley. It was during college that she began traveling back-and-forth between L.A. and Berkeley attending auditions and acting classes.


Azie Tesfai is an actress, known for Wicked Wicked Games (2006), 15 Minutes (2010) and Sands of Oblivion (2007). Azie is also the founder of jewelry company Fortuned Culture, of which the proceeds go to charity.

Social Entrepreneurship

After a non-profit charity in Ethiopia where she was volunteering was to be shut down, she began making and selling jewelry to friends and family to donate the fees and save the charity that was so close to her heart. Her success with this endeavor led to the creation of Fortuned Culture, her handmade jewelry line manufactured in Los Angeles. Proceeds from Fortuned Culture sales now help children in developing countries like Mexico, Ethiopia and Cambodia.

TOMS is the largest distributor of Fortuned Culture accessories and in 2012 bought 10,000 pieces of jewelry from the line.


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