28-year-old Jane is making me work
—Adam plays Jane's theme[src]

Jane & Adam is a relationship on Jane the Virgin, portrayed by Gina Rodriguez and Tyler Posey.


Adam and Jane were in a serious relationship when Jane was 19; Adam was Jane's first boyfriend. They were together 8 months and it was intensely passionate, but ended dramatically when they decided to get married. Adam was moving to NY to study and Jane didn't want to move in with him and commit unless they were married. Without her knowing it, Xo and Alba both called Adam and told him to break off the engagement, which he did.[1] They didn't tell Jane about it until 2020, when Jane and Adam meet again through a series of fated events.

When they meet again after 8 years, they're instantly attracted and dive head first into flirtation (and the ocean — naked) without hesitance.[2] They start dating and, as with their first relationship, it becomes serious fast. Adam gets a job offer in L.A., which he turns down to stay in Florida with Jane.[3] He begins to have reservations when Mateo gets involved, but he and Jane take a short break, whereafter Adam confesses to Jane that he's all in.[4] However, when Adam's dream job offer is reinvoked by a persistent VFX company, Adam decides to take it and breaks Jane's heart.[5]


  • Adam found Michael's marital letter to Jane under the floorboards of his house (where Jane and Michael lived before Michael's death) and found it so romantic it inspired him to break up with his then-girlfriend and to carry it around with him in his wallet.
  • Xo and Alba believe that Jane gets all lovey-dovey around Adam and doesn't think straight
  • When Adam decides to stay in Florida to be with Jane, he makes her a graphic novel of all the adventures they'll have together



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