Adam Alvaro is a recurring character on Jane the Virgin. He is portrayed by Tyler Posey.


Adam is a comic book artist in his late 20s, living in a loft in Miami. He is a romantic at heart and finding Michael's letter led Adam to break up with his then-girlfriend Heather (even though he had had her name tattooed on his arm — it now says 'heathen'). Adam also carried Michael's letter around in his wallet after finding it in 2017. Sadly, his sister passed away from cancer. He loves drawing, has an interest in astrology and plays one song on the guitar — the theme that plays whenever Jane experiences romantic moments. He believes in signs. He studied art at NYU.



Adam and Jane got engaged to be married in 2010, but Adam decided against it after being threatened by both Xo and Alba to give it up. He and Jane meet again after 8 years in May 2020. While talking to Lina's fiance Danny, he revealed that while living in New York, he dated a man, revealing that he was bisexual.


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Adam and Jane meet as teens and fall head over heels for each other. He is Jane's first love and they are both dreamers, which fuel their romance. When Adam gets accepted to college in New York, they don't want to be separated and Adam asks Jane to come with her. Because of her religion, she won't move in with anyone unless she's married and so, Adam proposes to Jane and she says yes. Alba and Xo don't particularly like Adam and when they're presented with the engagement, Xo and Alba, separately, threaten Adam not to go through with it. He backs out, leaving for New York alone and breaking up with Jane, who is heartbroken and devastated. 6 years later they've lost touch and by happenstance and fate are brought back together. Immediately after seeing each other again, their old dreamscape romance takes hold again and they start dating. They are very happy together until Adam freaks out at the seriousness of dating someone with a child. Though they try to patch things up, Adam is offered a job in L.A. and he takes it, breaking Jane's heart again.


  • Has a tattoo on his arm that says 'heathen', which is actually an ex-girlfriend's name corrected after he broke up with her.
  • He was engaged to Jane when they were 18.
  • He is bisexual.



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